The YAASUM People

The Believers, The Creators & The Leaders


Co-Creator & Chief Framework Expert

Yaasum starts with Yashoda. Yashoda is the lady who believed in this project and has been the biggest strength of Yaasum since it's inception. She is the co-creator and takes care of the idea of innovation behind all our projects. She is a proud mother of two kids and has been associated with few multinational organizations in the past along with one major role she plays of home maker and Mother.


Lead - Internal Operations

Sanjay joined Yaasum as a leader in Internal Operations team in Yaasum's major projects. He is a person who is lively and believes in enjoying every moment of life to the fullest. He celebrates work and is very passionate about growth and wisdom. He enjoys outings and travels and is an environment lover. He comes with a background in educational sector and has worked in multiple Government and Multinational organizations.


Co-Creator & Techno-Biz Lead

Saurabh is the Man who crafted & conceptualized the business of Yaasum through technology and innovation. Saurabh comes with more than fifteen years of experience in various multinational organizations and has lead and created multiple tech teams in the past. He is a proud of Father of two amazing kids and has a very deep love to the theory of innovation and creativity. 


Head of Administration

Sudhanshu is the backbone of Company Administration and takes care of the smooth functioning of Company regulations and compliance. He is a firm believer of being a warrior always in life. Life comes with challenges and if you have Life in you you are always a warrior. He comes with a background in Media & Journalism and has also worked in Project Management and Operations in some of the Multinational Organizations.

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