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Completely Developed

No Hassle of getting a developer to create your dropship store

Fully Designed

Logo, Theme, Web Design everything ready

Completely Supported

Complete Support for Design and Hosting

How does Dropshipping Works?

No up front inventory costs or shipping logistics.

With dropshipping, products are sent directly from your manufacturer / wholesaler to your customers.

Why Droppers by Yaasum


Choice of Hosting to choose from

Multiple platforms

Choose from a range of Global Dropshipping Suppliers & Marketplace

E-Commerce integration

Choose from wide range of e-commerce platforms


One Price

One Price
INR 59999 per Year
Excl. Taxes & Platform charges ( For Fully managed platforms )

INR 49999
Excl. Taxes, Hosting & Platform charges
( For self managed platforms )



Shopping Bags


Coffee Shop


Dropshipping is when you sell products to customers but use a third party to hold your inventory and ship your orders. Dropshipping business owners focus on the branding, marketing, and customer management part of their business while a third party handles their logistics for them.

The best products for dropshipping have high demand and low market competition. For example, some dropshippers chose to sell trendy products like colored LED lamps. Dropshippers might also chose more industrial products like heat lamps or car parts. Finding a great dropshipping niche usually includes market research and some experimentation. 

Dropshipping has huge potential to be profitable business. For starters, online shopping continues on an upward trajectory. Further, as a seller you don’t need to make inventory investments upfront, so this keeps more capital at the ready for other purposes. You can start your own online business at nominal technology costs.

You can browse millions of products on our partner dropship platforms fully integrated to your online store, a dropshipping marketplace and toolkit for entrepreneurs all over the world. All our dropship platform partners are  essentially a virtual warehouse packed with products from thousands of suppliers. It uses analytics to help you find the rising stars, high-potential products, and hidden gems. In just a few clicks, you can select your goods, customize the details, and list them on your site for sale.

Premium Global Partners

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The One & Only Everything-Managed Platform


Beautifully Crafted

Custom Store


Freedom to choose

Global Suppliers



over your

Hosting Plans

How it Works


You order a custom store with hosting and subscribe to

our one pricing plan according to your requirements


You complete a short survey to let us know your preferences. Our experts can start working only with this info provided


Our team works hard creating a high-class custom store according to all your preferences


You become an online business owner without actually lifting a finger, and absolutely ready to earn.

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