Free2Start Plan Terms

Free2Start Plan is the transaction model pricing plan for limited services and on an ongoing offer basis. The plan is valid only during the limited time period during which enrollments are done.

Under this plan you will be charged a transaction fees which for which an invoice will be generated every week as per below mentioned schedules and a handling charges which will be charged every month.


Yaasum will from time to time raise invoice regarding the prevailing fees. We will send such invoices on your registered email id and/or on in-app notifications, text messages. We reserve the right not to send any invoice in case of no outstanding fees and /or processing fees.


Transaction fees will be billed from the date of first booking in your  account. Yaasum will raise an invoice on every Sunday covering all the transactions from the last invoice date. In case of new customers, your first invoice will include all the amount from your date of enrollment in the services of Yaasum.

Monthly handling fees will be charged with the last invoice of every month, i.e the last Sunday of every month.

Payment of Invoice:


You agree to pay the outstanding invoices raised by Yaasum Private Limited according to the due date mentioned in invoice as agreed in our terms and conditions. By creating an account, you authorise Yaasum to auto-debit any outstanding amount from your authorized payment source ( wherever applicable ).

Handling Charges:

Yaasum will charge a handling charges every month ( only applicable on Free2Start Plans. Such charges will be included in the last invoice generated every month and will be a part of total payment due.

Non-Payment of Invoice:


If you donot pay the outstanding invoice beyond the payment due date, Yaasum reserves the right to disrupt the services and delete your account.

Upgrading of Account:

You may upgrade your account to subscrpition model at any time, provided you have fully paid all the invoices and/or outstanding due to us.

Applicable Charges:


Work Home/Meeraj/Home Office/Health and Heal:

INR 49.00 ( inclusive of all taxes ) on all bookings ( confirmed/pending both ) for transaction amounts upto INR 999.00

INR 99.00 ( inclusive of all taxes ) on all bookings ( confirmed/pending both ) for transaction amounts greater than INR 999.00

Handling Charges:

INR 99.00 ( inclusive of all taxes ) / month