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EdYAASUM is the ed-tech services wing of Yaasum. It deals in Online Course Selling Platforms, Learning Management Systems for  Schools, Coachings, Colleges and Corporates, Exam Management Softwares and other tech enabled needs of any educational institute.

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Local Business Sales Aggregator Application

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Restaurant POS & Management System

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Everything About Food & Restaurant Tech Needs

. Restaurant Management System

. Grocery & Packed Food Online Store

. Restaurant Delivery System

. Table Booking and Waiter Management

. Restaurant Point of Sale

. Food Court Delivery & Online Booking

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We@Yaasum believe that everyone comes with some special skills, the only need is to explore, identify and let other's know about your skills. Yaasum Multimarket platform gives every individual an opportunity to get their skills recognized and help earn them using your skills as a freelancer working from anywhere and everywhere. We have more than 50 categories of non-technical freelance activities for which you can create your online presence and start selling your services.

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