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Our Background

We created YAASUM on the foundation of strong Indian culture. It's not just a Company but an inspiration from the most deserving class of people " The Home Maker ". Yaasum believes that every home maker is special and they are the most deserving unpaid people in our society. Yaasum strives to create a globa-local platform for everyone who have the passion, skills and willingness but do not get the chance of exploring. Yaasum is continuously working towards bringing sustainable technology platform which can be affordable as well as diversified. As it's first roll out, Yaasum brings the first integrated Application for home makers, freelancers, SME's, home workers to create their skills an opportunity and start earning through their passion.

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The Indian Food Factory

Meeraj is a online marketplace for home chefs, professional chefs, restaurants, food partners to sell, take online bookings, pick up bookings, inventory management of their amazing food. We provide technical platform, full backend control through vendor website, a food partner app to track and manage their orders, customer facing app where they can display their menu, timings, pickup/delivery options. We provide every aspect of food management for the food partners, thus enabling them to focus on their core skills, specialities and do a wonderful business while delivering their awesomeness to everyone.

Work Home

Home Made Services

We created " Work Home " with a very differential understanding about Indian Home Makers and Home Workers. We analyzed and found that most of the skills we look in a home maker revolves around Food, however a home maker's daily routine has numerous things to do, which are never counted. This feature is also a marketplace where every home maker or home worker can bring out their skills and turn their passion or daily work into a business model. Earn from your convenience. We provide full control, where you can take online bookings, show up your media, advertisements, take inquiries, schedule appointments, create your own brand and earn from the convenience of a wider reach. We provide every aspect of technical resources to make you successful.

Home Office

Professional Services

Home Office is yet another amazing feature of Yaasum which was also created on the same identity to connect the freelancers, SME, and home workers to their customers. We created this segment with an approach to bring out the segment and skill of our society which we regularly need, however most of them are still not utilizing tech spaces or e-spaces to connect to their customers, take online bookings, display ads, using social media. We bring this feature as a marketplace to directly connect to your customers in every way with full control over your listing.

Kittu Bettu

Business Social

Kittu Bettu was created as a innovative thought to create an integrated social networking application dedicated to connect every business to it's customers and vice versa. Within Our Applicaation, kittu bettu serves as a strong medium to interact, promote, advertise, share your skills, business, passion and your jobs to a wider community who are the audience as well as service provider. This platform will help boost your business by letting interaction at all levels may it be business to business, consumer to business, business to consumer or consumer to consumer.

The Domestic Market

Everything Nearby

We created " The Domestic Market " with a cultivation view towards the Small and Medium businesses, enterprises and local and nearby shops. Basis our analysis we found that each of this sector has huge potential and they carry out their businesses in a highly professional way, the only difference is that most of this professionalism is in their inherent skills which are no where on paper. We wanted to create a platform to give a techno support to these businesses so that they can reach a wider community and consumer base, display their advertisements, created offers and promotions, reach through social media, and attract the attention of a more distinct location other than their proximity. We come up with a solution wherein every business can create, showcase, promote, advertise, scale, grow and communicate with their customers and other businesses directly using " The Domestic Market "

Refrigerated Goods

Everything about Kid's Education. Teaching Platform, Live Teaching, Online Learning, Kid's Store, Listings all in one place.

Girls Studying

Marketplace platform to teach or learn online courses. Learners get the benefit of downloading the courses and learn at their convenient times while Teachers get the benefit of monetizing their courses and help global audience to learn through their courses.

Learning Management Platform to create online courses, interactive course materials, quiz, assignments, workshops, Live teaching and many more. Teachers and Learners get the benefit of learning as well as teaching from any location and teachers can train, enroll global audience.

The Aani's Tukka Forum

Questions Answered

While creating other services, Yaasum realized how impactful it will be if we create a community for Business Vertical which can communicate in every aspect of questions they deal with. The idea was just to make sure it creates a much more presence and a cross conversational element which are not towards promotions or advertisements rather they can act as an answers from the known and learned to the people who are willing to get an answer.

Health & Heal

Health & Heal is yet another martketplace feature where the freelance health providers like General Physicians, Radiologsts, Yoga Trainers and more categories of health service providers can create their online service store where they can use features like online bookings, appointment schedular, slot maker, social media share, and many more exciting features.


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