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Refrigerated Goods

Everything about Kid's Education. Teaching Platform, Live Teaching, Online Learning, Kid's Store, Listings all in one place.

Marketplace platform to teach or learn online courses. Learners get the benefit of downloading the courses and learn at their convenient times while Teachers get the benefit of monetizing their courses and help global audience to learn through their courses.

Learning Management Platform to create online courses, interactive course materials, quiz, assignments, workshops, Live teaching and many more. Teachers and Learners get the benefit of learning as well as teaching from any location and teachers can train, enroll global audience.

Health & Heal

Health & Heal is yet another martketplace feature where the freelance health providers like General Physicians, Radiologsts, Yoga Trainers and more categories of health service providers can create their online service store where they can use features like online bookings, appointment schedular, slot maker, social media share, and many more exciting features.

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